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Notice to pet owners

Notice to pet owners

We respectfully ask all pet owners to pay due attention to other customers and handle their pets accordingly.
Guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs are permitted in stores.

Guidelines for customers with pets

  • Please keep pets on a lead at all times, and for safety reasons ensure that the lead is no longer than necessary
  • Please do not tether your pet to trees, pillars or other such structures.
  • Please clean up after your pet.
  • Taking pets on an elevator is dangerous. Please refrain from so doing.
  • Kindly pay attention to other customers and try to avoid causing any inconvenience to them.
  • We are not responsible for any incidents that may occur on our premises. Thank you for your understanding.

Concerning stores which admit pets

When entering a store with a pet:

  • When taking a pet into a shop which permits this, please put your pet inside a pet cage and take it with you.
  • Please be considerate of other customers.
  • Please be aware that in the event of any damage caused by pets, we will ask the pet owner to take responsibility.
  • In the event of problems caused by pets and affecting other customers, please note that we bear no responsibility.
  • Stores may have other conditions or requests concerning the admission of pets. Thank you in advance for your understanding and co-operation.