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Facilities and Services

Business hours

Business hours vary from shop to shop, so please confirm with each shop independently.


Welcome Center

The Welcome Center provides information on the facility, is a meeting point for lost children and also serves as a Lost and Found counter.


Entrance From the main entrance, take the stairs down. The Center is directly ahead of you.


Available for use 24 hours a day


Uptown Next to "Map No.13"

Locker sizes and charge

Large 800 yen (22 lockers available)
Medium 600 yen (12 lockers available)
Small 400 yen (18 lockers available)

Multipurpose Restroom


Uptown Behind CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA (Near Pizzeria MARINO Bambina)
Entrance Inside the Welcome Center
Forest Garden Next to Grill and BBQ, The Amigos

Smoking Area


Uptown Next to Daiba Kaiki Gakko-Nagoya / Haunted School
Forest Garden Next to The Amigos Grill and BBQ

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi available
【SSID】 MakersPier-Wifi
*Depending on factors such as radio waves and congested lines, there may be times when Wi-Fi is not accessible. Thank you in advance for your understanding.