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Privacy Policy

  • We will comply with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and other laws and regulations concerning personal information. We will also continuously review and improve internal policies related to Concerning Protection of Personal Information and the organizational system established for its execution.
  • When obtaining or using personal information, our Facility will identify the purpose of its use and will not handle personal information beyond the scope required to fulfil the identified purpose of use (use outside the purpose). In addition, we will exercise the appropriate management measures in order to ensure that personal information is not used outside of its purpose. When using information outside of its purpose, we will clarify the purpose and receive prior approval from the customer.
  • Our Facility will not offer the customer's personal information to a third party except in the following circumstances.
    (1) In the event of customer approval.
    (2) When based on laws or ordinances.
    (3) When providing the minimum required personal information such as addresses/ names in written or electronic form to related companies and partners in order to offer products and services to customers. In this case, the provision of such information will be stopped if the customer so requests to the third party.
  • When dealing with personal information with an external party, our Facility will carry out adequate selection of the party in question, draw up agreements to obligate the party in question to protect the information from disclosure or further sharing of this information without the advanced approval of our Facility, require the implementation of safety control measures which are of the same standard as those followed by our Facility, make sure we understand how the information is handled, and carry out the necessary supervision.
  • Our Facility will exercise the necessary and appropriate organizational/ human/ physical/ technical safety control measures against risks such as unauthorized access, loss of, damage to, tampering with, and leakage of personal information held by our Facility, and do our utmost to prevent or correct the leakage or loss of, or damage to, personal information.
  • Our Facility will set forth internal policies regarding the Concerning Protection of Personal Information to ensure thoroughness in the protection of personal information, assign managers of personal information in each department, strive to create an organizational system in order to observe the protection of personal information within the company, and dedicate our efforts to the adequate management of personal information. In addition, we will dedicate efforts to the education/ training of employees for improved awareness toward personal information protection.
  • Our Facility will implement adequate measures in order to answer customer requests and to maintain the accuracy of personal information, and to ensure that it is up-to-date at all times. We will respond promptly to customer requests for confirmation, revision, and disclosure of personal information. Please direct enquiries, requests for consultation, and complaints concerning the Protection of Personal Information to the individual responsible for each service. If there is no specific individual available, please contact the "Customer Liaison" listed below.

For enquiries regarding the Concerning Protection of Personal Information, requests for consultation, complaints, and requests to disclose/ revise/ suspend use of personal information, please use the contact information below.

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